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 An idea without action is like a song without vocal. Corine Timmer, Faro, Portugal 

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"What an inspiring and heartwarming story! Wonderful book for the entire family!"  

Shannon-Kelly Patee - fellow Story Jumper and Early Childhood Educator, Florida USA.

 Djabali´s Journey  

"On a scorching day in May, I got lost--and found many new things, including courage . . . and a taste for figs." 

And so begins the adventure of Djabali, a lost wild boar piglet as he travels across Andalusia trying to find his way home. 

An illustrated children´s story with a feel-good factor. This adventure is about the power of curiosity that leads to a journey of discovery. It suggests how problems along the way can be overcome with the help of a positive attitude, instinct, and the will to embrace new friends. Decisions that prove crucial to survival. It is also about a sense of belonging.

Suitable as a read-aloud story age 5-9. Self-reading age 8-9. Appropriate for reading comprehension.

Sometimes, we need to get lost to find out where we belong . . .

When Djabali´s curiosity lands him in deep water away from his family,  an unexpected journey of discovery begins. Realising he must “ sink or swim”, the positive piglet learns to trust his own instincts and embrace help from an unlikely array of friends in order to return home.

This illustrated story, set in Andalusia, is based on a real-life encounter between the author, a baby boar, and an abandoned hunting dog. Djabali´s adventures will transport readers to southwest Spain while inspiring both young and old to scratch beneath the surface--and ponder over the power of empathy, courage, and trust.

Currently being revised for the second edition including factual back matter and a free Spanish narration. Expected publishing date December 2017. The first edition of the Portuguese version is still available through my website.

Book titled 'Djabali Y Andalu'Read this free book made on StoryJumper

Haiku selection from NaHaiWriMo 2017

Caminhadas a collection of poems, photographs and art work- Bica Books


work in progress

A compilation of poems, photographs and art work created during the author´s first five years in Portugal. 

A physical and emotional exploration of self when confronted with new places and customs.