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Bica Blog

Pick of the week. Pimpão.

Geplaatst op 26 juni, 2016 om 10:40 Comments reacties (12869)

   When Pimpão's companion and master, the young Tobias, starts going to school, the dog feels sad and lonely. After all, he doesn't know what school is and that it is compulsory for young boys like Tobias to attend. So one day, he decides to leave the house and look for the boy. And so begins the adventure of Pimpão, the adopted street dog. Along the way he meets Sylvester, the wise feral tomcat, and Ni, the adventurous yet grieving kitten. Two unlikely but valuable companions, each adding their unique expertise and personality to this new unit of friends as they search for a safe place and lost family members.

   I feel a bit sad that Pimpão did not make more of an effort to persuade his new friends to find Tobias at school. Instead, and at Sylvester's advice, he agrees to visit the friendly animal shelter, thereby risking never seeing Tobias again. Luckily, all turns out well.

   Susana Machado cleverly uses her knowledge of cats and dogs in general, and of street animals and their plight in particular, to create a heartwarming story of friendship, survival, and duty, that kids can easily identify with. In the end, even Sylvester, with a little help from his lady friend, Estrella, understands it may be best to get “the snip” as long as his freedom is not impaired for too long. After all, he is way too old and streetwise to change his ways now. Just how uncomfortable can a little earring be?

   Loved it!

   As I am the lucky owner of, amongst other animals, 14 street dogs, and 1 street cat called Pipoca, the picture storybook Pimpão immediately appealed to me. Written by Susana Machado. Illustrated by Tania Silva. Foreword by Ana Galvão. The proceeds from sales of this book go towards helping street dogs in Portugal. Available in Portuguese.

Corine Timmer, 26th June 2016

My favourite pick - Don´t call me Coochie Pooh!

Geplaatst op 29 maart, 2016 om 13:00 Comments reacties (24508)

In a small bookshop in Den Bosch I noticed this picture book. An hilarious account of a dog 's perspective of the world around him, in particular his carer. The text and illustrations complement each other perfectly. Suitable for young and old. Originally written in English ( Don't call me Coochie Pooh!)

Happy Critters

Geplaatst op 28 januari, 2016 om 11:40 Comments reacties (15415)

I found Costa-Rica together with 2 other puppies abandoned at around 8 weeks old. Stray dogs are still a problem in Portugal.  Many people don´t support sterilisation or castration and fail to take accountability for the consequences. In addition some hunters simply abandon bad perfomers. The lack of respect, compassion and sometimes understanding, coupled with the lack of responsibility means that circumstances are slow to  improve. If you are thinking of choosing a new dog this year why not visit a dog home and adopt. I didnt choose any of my dogs. They crossed my path. Some are good looking some are ugly some are tall some are short but all are fantastic and loyal. I have learned to love unconditionally through them. They have enriched my life.