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Author School Visit KSI Algarve

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Yesterday I had my first school visit at KSI Algarve, in Olhão. Writing can be a solitary business so it was fantastic to read my storybook to the children and get their feedback. I read the whole story and we had time for discussion afterwards. The children were enthusiastic and asked interesting questions. As an extra activity I took two puzzles of illustrations from the story—one more diffcult than the other. As the children´s age range is 6-11, it was perfect. They worked in two groups and finished the puzzles! The time passed so fast that I had to rush in the end to sign books. I would like to thank the teachers, Joana and Aoife, for their warm welcome and their help with my slide show and materials. I hope my presentation added value. A special thanks to the two young ladies who greeted me and helped me carry my things up to the classroom. Lastly, I thank the parents for buying a book. May it give them and their (child)ren much reading pleasure. I look forward to a follow-up visit during which I can talk about story writing.

Radio Interview Djabali´s Journey

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Djabali´s Journey - Radio Interview

Drumroll please  . . . for reaching another checkpoint—THE RADIO INTERVIEW. YAY! I will be interviewed by Simon Frater on KISS FM on 14 March at 09.40. 

The Journey Continues . . .

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An illustration by Kristina Muñoz (Kris-Tea illustration) for my illustrated storybook, Djabali´s Journey. The second edition is almost ready to go to print :) Now it´s time to choose the right printer and formulate a marketing and promotion plan. The book will be for sale on my website and through IngramSpark distribution partners. Hardcover. Print. Age 5-9 up to 100! The self-publishing journey continues . . .


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After a three-year journey (two steps forward--three steps back) the Spanish translation of my story El Viaje de Djabali (Djabali´s Journey) is finally done. The narration will be included within a QR code on the back of my book. This story is set in Andalusia (Spain), so I had it translated. Easier said than done. Translating is at the same time a skill and an art form. As a self-published author, I have learned (through trial and error) that it is essential to collect the right team of people around you. Easier said than done. As I enthusiastically jumped into the deep end (without all the necessary swimming diplomas) I narrowly escaped drowning a couple of times. In the end-- it took 2 translators, 3 proofreaders, and a little bit of myself to get the text to this stage. I stumbled upon my final proofreader within the Kidlit411 group. The others I sourced through Upwork and the Cervantes Institute in Lisbon. My illustrator is Spanish. Apart from its read-aloud potential, I have been told it is suitable for reading comprehension. Though my story is fiction, factual information is woven into it throughout. I call it fact through fiction. The revised edition includes backmatter. My aim with this story is to take kids (and adults) on a journey of discovery both in Andalusia and within themselves (through the eyes of a bush piglet).:D