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Não tenho medo do escuro (I´m not afraid of the dark) Book Review

Today, in the bookstore, my eye fell on a book called NAO TENHO MEDO DO ESCURO (published by Jacarandá in March 2017). It is the Portuguese translation of a book called, I´m not afraid of the dark. Written by Helena Harastová and Illustrated by Jakub Cenki. It was designed by B4U Publishing (member of Albatros Media Group) in 2015. Immediately noticeable is the pleasing cover as well as good quality and design. This is an interactive pull-the-tab board book designed to be touched.

Are you afraid of the dark? I remember I used to be. I couldn´t sleep without an open door or a light on somewhere. Noises could be scary too. This book will appeal to little children who are afraid of strange noises, weird reflections, and shadows, that can accompany the dark. The clever illustrations (in tints and shades of night blue) and pull-the-tab feature (behind which bright everyday images hide) boost the minimal text to a new level. Join the protagonist in a variation of scenes in the dark that any child and adult can identify with. Fear after all is based on ignorance. All you need to do is turn on the light to find out that the monster you thought was hiding in the dark may not be a monster after all.

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