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Review November 2019 - Hog Wild

Hog Wild is a beautifully designed compilation of poems, artistically created by Corine Timmer, with all proceeds going to Farms Not Factories, a charity in the United Kingdom. I was surprised to feel such a range of emotions reading Hog Wild, from light-hearted enjoyment,

spa day

boars basking

in mud masks

(Diane Tomczak)

to the emotions evoked from this hard-hitting gem by Corine Timmer,

the hog's head

perched on sticks

the hunter takes a selfie

The poems in this book are created by familiar names in the haiku community, who have mastered their craft. I predict Hog Wild will receive the accolades it deserves.

Elizabeth Crocket, Japanese short form poet, children’s picture book author and women’s fiction author, Ontario, Canada.

Review November 2019 - Hog Wild Haiku

"What a fun collection. Just enough whimsey and heartfelt ness!" 

Dr. Randy Brooks, publisher and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of English at Millikin University, Illinois, USA.

Review March 2019 - Barking Mad Haiku

I love, love, love this book so much. It is almost as tender as having another dog. It sleeps next to me and my two rescues. From the whispy strokes of sepia that form the many pictures of dogs throughout the book and its cover; to the sensitive haiku from animal loving contributors….this is a proud canine masterpiece. The support its proceeds give for stray dogs is a wonderful cause that I will continue to support with each book Corine publishes. 

Wendy C. Bialek, artist and poet, Arizona, USA.

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Review April 2018 - Djabali´s Journey revised edition - English - local print

Eine schöne Geschichte für Jung und Alt, eine Reise in den Süden, Freunde finden, ... . Die Bilder ermöglichen einem einen schnellen Eintritt in diese Welt. 

Monika Lilienweiss - mother, wife, and teacher. Tavira, Portugal.

Review February 2018 - Djabali´s Journey revised edition - English - local print

Judging books for children was for many years part of my job. I was delighted to read this subtle story, Djabali´s Journey. The story will appeal to young and old but I would recommend reading it together! Although the story takes place in Spain, the theme is universal. The beautiful illustrations bring the story to life. At the back the main characters each get an extra page with photos and facts about their species. That makes the book complete and rich. A book of exceptional quality! I love it. 

Margaret van Meer is a retired teacher who used to work together with the library to promote reading for children. She is also an author and an artist. Olhão, Portugal.

Review May 2016 - Djabali and Andalu - English - Amazon - Print

Just a great story! This is not a traditional picture book. It has more of a philosophical side along with the surface adventure story which will make it appealing to older readers as well. I think Djabali is a wonderful character and that the friends he meets along the way are charming and well developed. Each friend helps him in a different way and his openness serves him well. The art is very nice and fits perfectly with your story.

Amy Griffin Betz - mother of 2, wife, Editor, and Writer & Publishing Consultant at Tiny Tales Editing. Greater New York City area. USA.

Review April 2016 - Djabali e Andalu - Portuguese - Local - Print

A really nice story and illustrations. I read it to my 7 years old son as a bedtime story, and he loved it. He wanted to be part of the adventure, and we really enjoyed reading it together. The only thing was that the Portuguese translation has some complex words that children may not know, but still parents can always explain. Well done, looking forward to the next one !!!

Cátia Sousa - mother of 3, wife, and restaurant manager. Olhão, Portugal 

Review October 2015 - Djabali e Andalu - Portuguese version - - print

It could be a fairy tale, but it isn’t. It could be a sci-fi story, but it isn’t. It could be a fable, but it isn’t. Nothing wrong with these, but the author chose to follow her passion for animals and the countryside to write the adventure of Djabali & Andalu. Corine Timmer cleverly depicts the qualities and temperaments of the animals that any child can identify as being their own. The illustrations by Kristina Muñoz brilliantly portray each and every detail of the story. I had the privilege of being offered the Portuguese version of this book which I read to my 8 years old twin nephews Afonso and Sebastião, as a bed time story in a warm summer’s night. Sebastião got up in the morning and read it by himself over breakfast! Afonso wants to know if Andalu found his sister! We are now awaiting what is next to come…

Esperança Dickman, self-employed, wife, and mother of 3 girls, Gloucestershire UK.

Review September 2015 - Djabali and Andalu - English version- - print

A lovely book, thanks for the positive read! I liked the feel good nature of the story with friends coming together with the possibility of reunion later. The beautiful art pairs well with the story.

Dinah Carlin - mother of 2, Illustrator, App-Developer, creator of the Learn with Mack Apps and Chaz Bannanington and Strawberry easy-reader series for children. USA

Review February 2015 - Djabali and Andalu - English Storyjumper version - print

"What an inspiring and heartwarming story! Wonderful book for the entire family!

Shannon-Kelly Patee - fellow Story Jumper and Early Childhood Educator. Florida USA

Review April 2015 - Djabali e Andalu - Portuguese version - Bicadeideias - print

Hello :) May I say it´ is a beautiful story and the illustrations are simply amazing. :) It is quite a long story for very young readers but it can be read to them as a bedtime story or at any hour of the day. I read the Portuguese translation which does have some complex words that children may not know but which the parents can easily explain. I really enjoyed reading it, and my baby boy was drawn to the illustrations. Congratulations Corine!! ;):)

Carin - young mother, animal carer, horse dressage apprentice and horse trainer. Algarve, Portugal.

Review april 2015 - Djabali e Andalu - Portuguese version - Bicadeideias - print

I´ve read a few pages of your book and, without leaving my seat, I traveled to Andaluzia...It seems to be a very beautiful story for children and perhaps adults too.

Carlos Martins, Albufeira, Portugal.

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