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What an inspiring and heartwarming story! A wonderful book for the entire family

Shannon-Kelly Patee - Early Childhood Educator, Florida USA.

Djabali´s Journey

When Djabali's curiosity lands him in deep water away from his family, an unexpected journey of discovery begins. Realising he must “ sink or swim”, the positive piglet learns to trust his own instincts and embrace help from an unlikely array of friends in order to return home.

Bica Books, children´s books, haiku

Available from 17 November, 2022

"In the quietly stealthy way my own cat prowls throughout the house the movement of haiku in this collection will jump out and capture you, too​, in the end. A medley of purrs and snarls by some very talented poets that connect us again with the y​ear of the tiger." 

Michael Rehling


"After three inspiring anthologies in the Chinese zodiac series comes Bull-Headed—a poignant collection of haiku in celebration of the Year of the Ox. Cattle have served humankind for centuries. In India, the cow was once worshipped, loved and revered, but in the recent past how much we have hurt and mistreated her. It is deeply touching to know that the proceeds from the sale of this lovely book will go to Care For Cows Vrindavan, India."

Kala Ramesh

Founder & Director: Triveni Haikai India

Illustrated by Suresh Babu

"From the editor and publisher of Barking Mad and Hog Wild comes another delightful collection of haiku themed on the Asian zodiac, Rattled. With this delightful collection Corine Timmer succeeds in sowing respect and empathy for the rats and mice that thrive in the margins of our human-centered world. These poems, many of which are by well-known haijin, including Master Issa, may change the way you feel about rodents forever." —Linda Papanicolaou

The book includes leaf art and a musical track composed especially for Rattled by Corine Timmer via QR code.

"The playful pebble sculptures in Hog Wild invite us to create something more lasting than a few splashes across the pond. These haiku celebrate the abundance of the Year of the Pig and endear us to our porcine friends and neighbors. You might think of pigs as a dreary domesticated farm animals, but in this collection they are frisky and alive with curiosity—like us."

Randy Brooks, Millikin University


The book includes pebble art and a musical track composed especially for Hog Wild by Corine Timmer via a QR code.

"What a fun collection. Just enough whimsey and heartfelt ness!" 

Dr. Randy Brooks, publisher and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of English at Millikin University, Illinois, USA.

Second printing now available!

"Once let off the leash, Corine´s imagination ran away with her. After a lot of digging and haiku-sniffing she found what she was looking for. A round of howls for Corine Timmer for this barking mad collection. These canine haiku will get your tail wagging!"

Michael Dylan Welch


More information and a trailer in the column.

"If there are still copies of Barking Mad for sale I urge you to donate to this most worthy cause (while savoring each unique but relatable morsel within). What a special collection gathered by a dog lover for dogs and the people who love them."

Diane Carstens Tomczak

This illustrated story, set in Andalusia, is based on a real-life encounter between the author, a baby boar, and an abandoned hunting dog. Djabali's adventures will transport readers to southwest Spain while inspiring both young and old to scratch beneath the surface--and ponder over the power of empathy, courage, and trust.

S​uitable as a read-aloud story age 5-8. Self-reading age 8-9. Appropriate for reading comprehension. This hybrid story includes back matter, a glossary, and a free Spanish audio narration via QR code.

Caminhadas is a work in Progress

A compilation of poems, photographs and art work created during the author´s first five years in Portugal.

A physical and emotional exploration of self when confronted with new places and customs. 


Corine Timmer is an interior designer, writer, author, haiku poet, publisher, visual artist, nature lover, and an occasional activist. She lives in the Algarve in Portugal with her adopted dogs, 4 cats, 2 goats, and her beloved donkey Lolita. She is born under the Aquarius sign.

The inspiration for Djabali and Andalu came from a chance meeting with a juvenile wild boar that ran in front of her car and his extra-ordinary friend in need, the Spanish hunting dog.


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Kristina Muñoz is an illustrator and tea lover. She grew up in a town not far from Seville but now lives in London. If you press the image below, you will be directed to her website.


Corine loves to read and write haiku. Her poetry has been published in renowned anthologies and haiku journals around the world. In 2017 she won an Honourable Mention in the Harold G. Henderson haiku contest with her haiku "Summer holiday". In 2018 she won an International Sakura Award in the VCBF Haiku Invitational. Barking Mad is her first haiku anthology. An initiative together with 19 other poets to celebrate the Year of the Dog 2018. Proceeds are helping street dogs in Faro, Portugal. In 2019 she published her second haiku anthology, Hog Wild Haiku. It includes haiku poems by forty poets from all over the world. Proceeds go to Farms Not Factories in the UK. In 2020 bicadeideias published Rattled haiku. Each book in the Asian zodiac series has a Facebook page.

For my very first version of the book Djabali and Andalu please visit the Storyjumper site. A company and site dedicated to encouraging creativity and storytelling with the option of sharing creations.

If you are planning to buy on Amazon, please take a minute to read about smile amazon. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your purchase to the affiliated charitable organisation of your choice. Thank you!

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