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Halloweensie Contest 2017 2


Corine Timmer (second entry)

On All Hallows´ Eve,

under a humpback moon,

Chiseltooth Rat and Spiny Pocketmouse

set off in search of a treat.

But they were not alone.

Hoots and howls echoed through the night.

At the edge of their favourite field,

their hearts sank.

The giant corn stalks had vanished!

How could they avoid being spotted?

Spiny stood on her hind legs, inspected their turf,

and peeped the all-clear.

While the friends snooped for tidbits,

from the shadows of a corn stalk bale

slid a monstrous candy corn snake.

“Trick or be my treat!”

So the buddies sang him a lullaby.

Susanna Hill´s 2017 Halloweensie contest


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