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Liliana from Havana - A Valentiny contest

Thank-you for organising this contest Susanna Leonard Hill. I Found myself cruising towards valenTEENS during this valenTINY contest. Here is my entry.

Liliana from Havana (146 words)

by Corine Timmer.

Liliana from Havana

Her hair curled,


and swirled.


from Havana.

When she walked,

she swayed a little.

When she talked,

she mumbled.

One eye aquamarine

the other olivine;

I couldn’t focus.


Lured into neurosis,

I dived into her swirls.

 But I had invited Lizzie.

Pulchritudinous Laura-Lizzie,

every schoolboy´s fancy,

was sitting next to me.

Prone to delusion,

I had snatched the illusion.

Proud as a peacock,

I flounced about.

At the same time,

from behind a red heart,

I spotted Liliana, smiling at Bart.

From the pit of my stomach,

an instant loathing,

for this urchin

she found so imposing.

Yet only when Lizzie lunged

to pick up her napkin,

did I discover something

verily lacking.

Her sleek ponytail,

cat-fur fine

streaks of glazed honey,

brushed my hand.

And all at once,

jumped to mind.


Burnt-cocoa curls,

swaying hips,

and a mismatch of

gem-like eyes.



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