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RATE YOUR STORY and more editing

When I read that Rate Your Story would be offering a free review/critique for the first 100 entries on the 1st of July, I decided to take myself up on this opportunity. However, as I will be travelling through Italy at that time, without a computer, I thought it best to opt for their speedpass instead. Not only would this solve my logistical problem, but also satisfy my impatience. So last week, I prepared my document according to the submission guidelines and sent it off. The speedpass, which you pay for, means the document gets priority and will be reviewed within 7 days. The judge is anonymous. Expecting the result in seven days,  I was pleasantly surprised to receive it within three. I honestly didn´t know what to expect but was hoping for a rate between 5 and 1; 1 being the highest (which means it is ready for submission) and 10 being the lowest (meaning it is suitable for practice only). It came back as a rate 2, together with some valuable as well as slightly confusing feedback from the judge. The confusing part, being the suggestion to use the Oxford comma. This comma has been a focal point of many discussions in the past. Some countries swear by it; others politely avoid it, most of the time. As this story is partly educational and can be used for reading comprehension in schools, including read-aloud and think-aloud, I am considering using the Oxford comma, hoping opponents will forgive me.


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