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Selma Written and Illustrated By Jutta Bauer

" To know what happiness is let me tell you the story about Selma the sheep." This week in the book shop my eye fell on a little book, squashed in between all the larger ones, called Selma. Written and Illustrated by Jutta Bauer. First published in Germany in 2004, this is an older book but its message is timeless. If, like me, you have not yet read this little gem, I won´t spoil it for you by informing you too much. The minimal and at times humorous text is accompanied by 1 irregularly framed illustration on each double page. This consistent layout and rythm perfectly complements the communiqué. Little book, big impact. Selma, Published in Portugal in 2009 by Ana Paula Faria ISBN 978-972--8920-59-3.

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