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The added value of taking distance.

Reading this article ; led me to review the dialogue in my text for the storybook Djabali and Andalu​. Is the dialogue unique to each character? As I am reviewing my book now for a second edition, it seems a good time to look at all the details (that I missed a year ago) Djabali and Andalu is my first book and has been a learning curve. For anyone publishing for the first time, my advice would be to put the book away for a few months and then come back to it for a final review, before publishing. My text had been reviewed many times by myself and various other people. Nevertheless, I decided to collaborate with a professional Editor in the children´s book world, be it one year later. Amy Betz from Tiny Tales Editing. It has been a pleasure and truly amazing to witness how much a text can be edited and polished. Loved working with Amy as she allowed me to learn and progress and my characters to keep their voice. She has been a coach rather than a director. 

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