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The crocodile who didn´t like water by Gemma Merino

To all those who still havent found their hidden talents. G.M. 

From the Macmillan Prize for illustration 2011..

The Crocodile who didn´t like water

Once upon a time there was a litle crocodile.

And this crocodile didn´t like water.

I found this book during my recent trip to South Africa. First published by Macmillan Children´s books, London,  in 2013

Thoroughly enjoyed this richly illustrated childrens book about a crocodile that finds out he is actually not a crocodile at all. The lovely and expressive illustrations do most of the talking. Very creative, at times witty and postive book. Despite differences everyone remains friends. Animals, in reality,  are often kind enough to adopt a lost baby from another species and rear it as one of their own even if it looks different.

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