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Bica de Ideias

 An idea without action is like a song without vocal. Corine Timmer, Faro, Portugal 

welcome to my site

Hi I´m Corine

Bica de Ideias (fountain of ideas), is about ideas turned into projects and passions that move me. 

One of those passions is animals. A few years ago on a dusty road in Spain an encounter between myself, a baby boar, and a pointy-eared hunting dog touched my heart to such an extent it led to my first children´s storybook called Djabali and Andalu. As I enthusiastically ran a little too fast, I am currently revising the book for the second edition. A great learning experience!

Apart from creative writing, I am intermittently active in Design & Decoration and continuously active in Animal Care & Welfare. To learn more about Djabali´s Journey please visit Bica Books on this site. If you stumble upon some strange looking words in places, don´t worry; they are Dutch. Improvise:) You are welcome to linger. You may even find a selection of Haiku. 

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