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Bica de Ideias

 An idea without action is like a song without vocal. Corine Timmer, Faro, Portugal 

welcome to my site

Hi I´m Corine

Bica de Ideias (fountain of ideas), is about ideas turned into projects and passions that move me. 

One of those passions is animals. A few years ago on a dusty road in Spain an encounter between myself, a baby boar, and a pointy-eared hunting dog touched my heart to such an extent it led to my first children´s storybook called Djabali and Andalu. As I enthusiastically ran a little too fast, I revised the book for the second edition coming out in the autumn of 2017. A great learning experience!

Apart from creative writing, I am intermittently active in Design & Decoration and continuously active in Animal Care & Welfare. To learn more about Djabali´s Journey visit Bica Books on this site. The book will be for sale through this website as well as IngramSpark distribution partners. If you stumble upon some strange looking words in places, don´t worry; they are Dutch. You are welcome to linger. You may even find a selection of haiku.

It´s that time of year again. Susanna Hill´s Halloweensie Contest. YAY! I invite you to click on the BICA BLOG button to read my entries. They are also posted in the comments section of the contest page. Thanks for stopping by :) And, lastly, if you love Halloween stories, why not visit Susanna Hill´s website to read the other entries. 

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