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Djabali and Andalu by Corine Timmer and Kristina Muñoz

" The day I got lost was a hot day in May. "

And so begins the adventure of Djabali, a lost wild boar piglet as he travels across Andalusia trying to find his way home with the help of unlikely friends like Andalu, the pointy-eared hunting dog.

This beautifully illustrated story is suitable as a bedtime story or self reading from around age 8 upwards as there is quite a lot of text. The story, based on a real life encounter, is set in Spain and is a celebration of survival and unlikely friendships. 

It is available in print in 3 languages ( English, Portuguese and Spanish ) and as an audio enhanced ebook with animal and music sound buttons. Please visit the Bica Books page on my website for further information.  Illustrated by

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